Management Team

Mr. Surendra Kakade

A technocrat with an abiding passion for Social and self motivated, Mr. Surendra Kakade, the founder of the Ayurkisan, Ayugraam and Ayumart, has led Ayugraam pioneering research in sciences like Herbal value added product (Alovera Pathy). Under him, the company has spearheaded the concept of 2015 Started charitable trust  “Ayugraam Vikas Trust” through that trust we are doing social work i.e. social employment development  program for young educated farmers. Also for the awareness about ‘Farmers Producer Company’, Processing industry & development of marketing network. We regularly take ‘Ayugraam Parishadas’ in Association with Expertise Knowledgeable & Experienced personalities at every taluka places of Maharashtra state, also Ayugraam Prishadas on international platforms like Singapore, Malaysia and UAE.

My Main Motto is Life:

To do efforts & giving my best time for the development of self realized motivation power to educated young farmers & give them confidence to live rich & royal life, having principles of……………

शिफारसी शिवाय, लाचारी शिवाय, स्व:य कर्तुत्वाने, स्वावलंबी जीवन जगण्यासाठीचा प्रामाणिक मार्ग,

आणि मी, प्रयत्न करणार. नैतीकतेचे बळ वाढवून, अर्थ व समाधान मिळवुन देण्यासाठी. 

धन्यवाद, जय महाराष्ट्र, जय किसान.