Hello Friends, Namaskar.

Ayugraam is India’s first social employment development activity to work for FPO’s (Farmer Producer Organizations) of eco-friendly social activity The organization thereby aims to introduce the most reliable, efficient and sustainable practices in agriculture in order to achieve the objective of a healthier tomorrow for consumers, society and the environment at large.

Ayugraam offers solutions across the complete value chain of agri-business – right from providing eco-friendly agricultural inputs such as Monitoring FPO, biocides, bio-fertilizers & hybrid seeds, offering comprehensive farm management solutions, practicing Residue free Cultivation, to Food Processing, Distribution, and Marketing of safe Residue free farm produce under Ayumart and Ayugraam to both domestic and international consumers.


Our Vision

To build a prosperous and sustainable agriculture sector by promoting and supporting member-owned organizations that enable farmers to enhance productivity through efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable resource use and realize higher returns for their produce, through collective action and supported by the AYUGRAAM AGRO BUSINESS LLP. And fruitful collaboration with academia and research agencies, civil society, and the private sector.

Our Mission

  • To promote economically viable, democratic, and self-governing farmer-producer organizations (FPOs)
  • To provide support for the promotions of such FPOs by qualified and experienced resource Institutes.
  • To provide the required assistance and resources policy action, input, technical knowledge, financial resources, and infrastructure – strengthen these FPOs
  • To remove hurdles in enabling farmers to access markets through FPOs Both Buyers and sellers.
  • To create enabling policy environment for investment in FPOs to leverage their collective production and marketing power.

Aayugram is a social movement/organization, that was started with the motto to give justification to the existing farmers and to provide meaningful and a sustainable life. It was decided that the membership will be irrespective of cast, creed & color even without any self or political flag.

The movement/org was established for uplifting/elevate/improve farmers living standards, especially budding and young farmers who have chosen farming as a business, their livelihood mission, and dedicated their life to producing organic, non-toxic – ( say goodbye to chemicals) &good quality food to feed the hungry Indian mouths and even abroad.

Our organization decided to cater to these farmers helping them to form a cluster and strive for a sustainable market for their products in the local Indian market as well as abroad. We intend to provide a common platform to have discussions on the current issues in farming, sells- marketing strategies, high-standard quality products, and the use of high-tech gizmos, processing, and preservation techniques for their products.

Regular workshops /forums/seminars/talk shows/ interviews/sessions are organized for the farmers embodied with eminent scientists, researchers, highly experienced farmers, educated and skilled personalities in the field of farming as well the veterinary doctors, bankers, software engineers, techno-savvy personnel merchants and entrepreneurs who constantly interact with the farmers to boost up their morale and help them to solve their problems. Some of these eminent leaders also have opted to an advisor, counselors, and even a mentor in this societal endeavor.

We are part and parcel of this existing modern and developing society/nation. Today more emphasis is given on high standards – living a luxurious life with fancy cars, nice bungalows, lots of money, entertainment, branded clothes-amenities, and foreign tours. Visiting costly hotels and enjoying elite cuisines, gives a handful of tips to the waiters. But when we eat tasty food! how often do we think of the food producers –the poor farmer? Doesn`t matter if it`s raining heavily, even in scorching heat he toils the land, suffers all the odds, and works hard to grow crops and veggies to bring them to our platter.

On the other hand, we are not aware of the quality of the food we consume. Food producers are using hazardous chemicals as fertilizers and pesticides for faster growth of crop yields. Ultimately unlimited use of chemicals increases the toxicity of land and water. Therefore, there is an increase in heavy toxic load in the human body through this contaminated & toxic foodstuff that we eat. This causes hormonal imbalance in humans leading to ailments like dreaded cancer, rheumatism arthritis, diabetes, and many unknown diseases.

Just think about our young and future generations! What kind of toxic and polluted planet-earth we are exposing them to? Aayugram started a strong drive to inspire farmers not to use hazardous chemicals anymore but to go only for organic farming. We bring awareness among all the farmers and insist they use indigenous (deshi)cows&their dung as fertilizers/manure to produce organic, non-toxic foodstuff of good &  export quality.