To do efforts & giving my best time for the development of self-realized motivation power to educated young farmers & give them the confidence to live rich & royal life, having principles of……………

शिफारसी शिवाय, लाचारी शिवाय, स्व:य कर्तुत्वाने, स्वावलंबी जीवन जगण्यासाठीचा प्रामाणिक मार्ग,

आणि मी, प्रयत्न करणार……….

नैतीकतेचे बळ वाढवून, अर्थ व समाधान मिळवुन देण्यासाठी……

 धन्यवाद, जय महाराष्ट्र, जय किसान.

Aayugram is a social employment development program, was started with the motto to give justification to the existing farmers and to provide meaningful and sustainable life.

  • Ayugraam Monitoring system for FPO (Farmer Producer Organization) network development program
  • Cottage food industries cluster development program
  • Awareness programs for Organic farming
  • Education and Motivation programs for entrepreneurship development
  • Ayugraam Parishad for coordination of farmers, customers, Govt. Authorities, Buyers & Traders

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